Monday, April 17, 2017

Oaxaca in December

Monte Alban
Many of you know that John and I winter in Oaxaca, Mexico

"Hard Landing" 24x18" Acrylic on paper
 and that during my time there I paint every day in the studio at Art House Oaxaca. 

Well, this past winter I decided to ask a hand full of you to join me there to paint and explore 
the city and a few of the surrounding art villages and indigenous martkets.

Lisa Sonora can accommodate up to 10 painters to stay in double occupancy at Art House Oaxaca.
She will provide breakfasts and lunches for us, special diets accommodated.

We will paint, discuss art, share, and visit to our hearts content. 

I will teach 4 1/2 days of classes in acrylic painting; abstract or loose representational.

Since the studio is on site you can paint to your hearts content before or after regular classes.

The exposure to Oaxaca's magical art culture will inspire you. 
You will be surrounded by art and artists.

A group of friends who meet in Oaxaca to create together 
"Winds of Change" 24x18" Acrylic on paper

I'll be supplying everything you'll need in class except for brushes and a few tools. 

Lisa will be leading us on a guided tour of the city and will accompany us to an indigenous market and one of the surrounding craft villages. 

She's an author and lifelong artist and you will love her, as I do. 

Since she lives here she knows the history and and can suelta la sopa (literally "spill the soup") on the local goings on. 
She is working on a guide book to the best restaurants and hideaways; all to be revealed!

Yes, John will be in town and we might see him too.

John & I at my opening in 2016 at Lisa's Art Gallery.
He's nice. :-)

One of Lisa's journal pages enlarged, printed, stretched to cover a wall!
You can make one of one of your images too to take home with you.

For more information ...

 go HERE.

We are creating our lives every moment of every day. 

Thank you for dreaming with me. 
You can always visit me on Instagram; I post new paintings as they emerge. 
My name there is judywiseart. 

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Meri said...

Super interested, but no one to go with. Will you pair me with a roomie and make sure we get a room with two beds?

Meri Arnett-Kremian